Spantaneeus Xtasy

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Spantaneeus Xtasy
Spantaneeus Xtasy Porn Star

Spantaneeus Xtasy
Black/Fillipino & Indian
February 5, 1965
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Porn Star
Aliases: Spontaneous Xtasty, Spontaneous Xtasy

Spantaneeus Xtasy, The only female that was managed by Tupac Shakur

Oh yes, breast size has changed over the years


Recent News

Spantaneeus Xtasy is being re-inducted into the Urban X Awards on July 21st, 2012. Find out more at Urban X Awards website, or follow news at @UrbanXAwards.


Spantaneeus Xtasy has been around since early to mid-1990s becoming well known publicly around 1995. She went through some changes over the years including breast augmentation, just in case you haven't noticed and had to ask, "Are they real?"

Spantaneeus Xtasy is a real beauty; she has a hot thin body on film with those huge tits which you just cannot take your eyes off. Her other asset are her long nails, and also yes, her ASS. If you look at her closely you will see many tattoos, this can sometimes mean that the lady is nasty and wild.

Spantaneeus Xtasy has appeared in over 100 featured adult films. One of her best known porn film credits is World Record Breaking Gangbang found at Gamelink also known as Spantaneeus Xtasy 551 where she does 551 dudes. This is a hot video to watch, just because you need to see what it's like waiting for hours while 551 guys stick their dick in you and cum all over the huge FF tits. However, you may think this is a record, but it's been recorded that someone out there fucked over 2000 guys in a gang bang session. Remember that non one done it better than Spantaneeus Xtasy.

In December 2000, Spantaneeus Xtasy did a tour in Japan and the Orient. Since then she kind of went away from the adult film circuit but continued doing private escort engagements, dancing, appearances and becoming a full fledged female rap star. During this period of 2001-2002, as an escort out in Washington, DC, she was appearing as one of Vanessa Dash's Angeles, and adult showcase of black sex performers. Vanessa Dash has a few XXX film credits under her name. In addition, she was also listed that you can book her in New York.

We never know where she'll turn up. Back in the early 2000s she appeared in two new adult flicks from Xavier Productions (Big Top Video): "Ebony XXXtasy #3" - (2001) and "Busty Queens of Kink #5" (2000). In this flick her co-star is Kim Eternity and they both do separate scenes.

In addition to a decade long adult XXX film career, Spantaneeus Xtasy has toured the world as a feature adult dancer.

Magazine Credits

Spantaneeus Xtasy appeared numerous times in many men's magazines.

  • Black Tail Magazine, July 2000
  • Black Tail Magazine, December 2001

Mainstream Success

In December 1999/Januray 2000, Spantaneeus Xtasy appeared on the Howard Stern Show on "E." It has been aired numerous times in the year 2000. The program was originally filmed sometime likely in December 1999. Span also introduced her line of Candy called Ecstasy Chocolate.....During the show, Jasmine St. Claire called in and bad mouthed Spantaneeus Xtasy on who had the worlds largest Gangbang. The movie Spantaneeus Xtasy 551 brought some major fame back in 1998-2000, and still a hot item to watch. Spantaneeus Xtasy appeared on the album cover Sex Style by Kook Keith (Keith Thornton), released in 1997.

Span has had bit parts in the movies "Freeway", "Gremlins 2", and a movie for HBO.


  • Urban X Awards Hall of Female 2011
  • Spantaneeus Xtasy has won 2 AVN Awards for her work in Adult Featured movies

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