Jeannie Pepper

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Jeannie Pepper
Jeannie Pepper Porn Star

Jeannie Pepper
July 9, 1958 (Cancer)
Chicago, IL, USA
Porn Star
120 lbs
Angel Hall, Jerry Hall, Pepper Hynes
@jeanniePepper Twitter SUSPENDED

Jeannie Pepper

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Years active as a Porn Star: 1984 - Present (2011)

Director: 1993-2001



Jeannie Pepper is a porn star legend as well as a classic adult film star dating back to the 80's. She first debuted in the 1984 movie, Black Taboo and rose to stardom as one of the hottest porn stars in the XXX film industry. She has starred in over 200 movies, and continues fucking on film these days as a hot busty MILF. Jeannie Peppers's presence on film will get any guy off, bringing sexual desires to all watching her today in private on video. She has performed, or sucked the cocks of the most famous male porn stars in the industry, including the world Legend of Porn, Ron Jeremy. A Midwest girl from Chicago, who made her way to California to become a porn star and adult porn star model.

Jeannie Pepper is hot to watch, as a young beauty that got many teenage boys off, to today who is still taking it in the ass doing MILF flix. She is a classic porn star who has fucked on film for 3 decades.

She was married to world famous porn star photographer, John Dragon, who made photographic art with many black porn stars over the decades, including his girl Jeannie Pepper. The web site is part of his network. Some recent news dating back to June of 2010 states that Jeannie Pepper is married to a new man, but unless it's confirmed we are not sure.

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